At RMC, hundreds of students have done their practical training being part of CA curriculum and by every passing year students complete their training and step into the field of CA profession and different industries. Every time with the announcement of CA entrance exam results, new young minds join RMC to learn about the various service areas of CA profession and for their overall development as professionals.

Every student who is undergoing practical training at RMC is provided with opportunity to work with senior professionals and to understand the working environment of large & medium sized corporates. They get a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge while working on audits and taxation assignments and take a deep dive into concepts of the subject. We try to provide the students with practical knowledge across all the fields viz. audits, income tax, goods & service tax, drafting of financials, accounting, advisory, return filings, drafting of documents etc.

Young and fresher minds are sculpted into experienced and dynamic professionals under the guidance of the founder, partners, and senior professionals.

Also at RMC, the students are regularly given a platform by conducting weekly sessions to enhance their soft skills, presentation, and public speaking skills.

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