Narender Mittal is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) since 1987 and working with the firm since then. His professional qualifications include F.C.A., A.I.C.W.A., ISA (ICAI). He has vast knowledge and thorough understanding of Indian laws and regulations as well as the complex corporate taxation system. He has expertise in following areas:-

Business advisory service & planning : He has expertise in system study, system analysis and design, Provide advisory services to businesses on various aspects, including financial management, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning.

International Taxation: FEMA matters and FDI matters, assist businesses with international tax planning and compliance, including foreign tax credits, tax treaties, and cross-border transactions, transfer pricing reports and study, comply with transfer pricing regulations by ensuring that transactions between related parties are conducted at arm’s length and at fair market value.

Management Consulting: Assist businesses to improve their performance by analyzing their operations, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies to achieve desired heights with financial, project and management consultancy, conducting feasibility study and market survey, analysis, design and implementation of costing system, due diligence and share valuation.

Tax Planning and Compliance: Chartered Accountants advise individuals and businesses on tax planning strategies to minimize tax liability and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. Audit, Direct & Indirect taxation planning, assessment, CIT & ITAT Appeals etc.

Legal Compliance: Assist businesses in complying with various legal and regulatory requirements, such as company law, labour laws, and environmental laws.

Forensic Accounting: Investigate financial fraud and misconduct and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.